Easter Cantata April 14, 2019 - The Body of Christ

by the Chancel Choir of the First Baptist Church of South Boston, Virginia

The Body of Christ: Pepper Choplin beautifully and creatively crafted this retelling of the final days of Jesus' life, focusing on the meaning of His words and actions leading to the cross.

Chancel Choir: Steve Austin, Estelle Burton, Sheri Burton, Emily Davis, Becky Donner, Mary Eanes, Bobby Epps, Denise Ferrell, Betty Carlton Fore, Elaine Gerst, Terri Holt, Mary Ellen Hupp, Virginia Jones, Jim Luedtke, Nick Nichols, Billy Orrell, Miriam Pannell, Connie Pate, Audrey Pittard, Brenda Powell, Floyd Scearce, Sue Smith, Coleman Speece, Dwight Stewart, Mickey Thomas, & Emily Upchurch,

Musicians: Leigh Latchum, violin 1; Andrew Liggitt, violin 2; Ray Green, viola; Brenda Fincher, cello; Pam Smith, piano; & Ben Woosley, organ

Director: Susan Davis

Narrator: Greg Donner

Sound: Chris Elliott

Recording: Nick Nichols